8-step production-ready battle-tested SEO strategy

Different customers have different needs, goals and backgrounds. Boomerai can surely craft necessary marketing activities to fit your business objectives and goals.

Initial Analysis

Step 1 of 8

When kicking off a SEO campaign, we dive deep into your industry or niche, online presence, website and competitive landscape. Next we estimate how much time and effort it takes us to get you to the Google top.

Keyword research and content optimization

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After getting an idea of where you stand with your website and rankings, we’ll research best sales-driving keywords in your business niche.

This activity includes revealing keywords that your competitors rank for, digging for new keyword opportunities, as well as a lot of filtering and analysis.

Finally we’ll come up with the most powerful list of keywords to further optimize your website for.

Website Audit 360°

Step 3 of 8

Did you know that even a small technical issue could seriously drop your Google rankings.

Website audit spots invisible errors in:

  • site crawling
  • site indexing
  • redirects
  • code

so we can fix them before they grow into an issue.

User experience (UX)

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Improving user experience has a massive impact on almost every aspect of your site including, but not limited to

  • Sales
  • Rankings
  • Reputation

We take care of what’s important to meet modern UX standards

  • Content
  • Navigation
  • Speed
  • Security

Link Building

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Without a quality links climbing up Google’s top varies from hard to impossible.

We take link building seriously. To obtain useful insights we check your top competitor’s backlink profiles.

If the backlink audit spots harmful links pointing at your site we clean them out from Google for you.

Unlike some black-hat agencies buying you a ton of garbage links, we are proud to acquire links from authoritative and trustworthy publishers only.

Local Search Optimization

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46% of all Google searches are local, and the number of “near me” search queries has doubled over the past year

Local SEO is a great for small or medium-sized businesses ready to become really visible in their local area.

We take care of your local search SEO, setup and optimize your Google My Business page, tweak important on-page factors, validate local links, citations and reviews.

Content Strategy

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It’s important that the core elements of your brand appear consistent, clear and authentic for your audience.

  • High-level messages to make a strong impression and reinforce the story of your brand
  • Polished content
  • Tight integration with social media
  • Battle-tested workflow

“High-level messages”, often used as headlines in ads and sites, communicate key elements of a “brand promise”.

Delivering Results

Step 8 of 8

You deserve results and transparency for your money.
Say, a set of detailed and easy-to-understand weekly reports to check what has been improved and how are we doing.

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